Want long term gains?

You’ll get sustainable gains from Jack Hanrahan’s guided, well-rounded training programs

The PRGRM difference

Jack developed PRGRM based on more than 10 years experience training clients, training himself and keeping on top of the latest strength and conditioning research.

The programs he has developed are evidenced based. They are also tried and tested with 1000’s of people, many of whom have achieved life changing results to their physique, health and wellbeing.

The core to Jack’s system of strength training philosophy is balance across the 3-pillars of fitness.


Like athletes, you train to build muscle and strength to improve your body’s performance in everyday life. Not just in the gym.


Cardio supports your strength and muscle building goals. It gives you the stamina to train hard, recover fast and feel vibrant day to day.


Mobility keeps your joints healthy, moving well and free from pain. It’s the foundation for you to lift weights safely with good form.

Find a PRGRM built for you

This training may cover more than you’re used to.

It is designed in a way that is:

  • well-balanced and sustainable for you and your lifestyle, 
  • tailored to your goals and needs, 
  • continuous so you’re not left wondering “What next?”, and 
  • flexible to respond to those times when life just happens!

You’ll work hard, but you’ll recover faster. That means no crashing and burning, just progress on progress!

Find a program built for you and start building your body in a healthy, sustainable way!

The programs are flexible to help keep you committed long term and with all programs included, PRGRM Members can swap between programs to suit their goals and progress. 

Want to see what PRGRM can do for you?

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Take a look inside the PRGRM app

What our app users say:

I’m now almost 8 weeks into the Rebuild program on this app and I’ve never felt better


“This app doesn’t just offer workout plans. This is Jack’s brilliant education approach”


“I’ve tried and I’ve been on/ off training for 10 years but now I found something sustainable”


“Jack integrates the mobility and cardio in a great way to compliment the lifting”


Smarter Training. Superior Results.

Direction & Focus

The guesswork and burden of planning has been lifted. You’ll have a clear road map to follow and progress toward your goals.

Brian Allen
Brian A:  Thrive

“I love the precise, clear nature of the instructions, the balanced nature of the programs as well as their flexibility.”

Confidence & Excitement

You’ll know exactly what to do and why, which gives you confidence in the plan and keeps you excited about your training.

Danielle Davies
Danielle D:  Rebuild +

“I’ve found that working with RPE has meant I’m progressing at the right speed for me and not just chasing PBs whilst potentially neglecting form.”

Consistency & Accountability

Showing up is easy when you have a program that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

Gaston Mpoyo
Gaston M:  Rebuild

“PGRM has helped me with my goals by providing a comprehensive, structured program…”

Resolve stalled progress or aches & pains

By approaching your training in a more functional, balanced way you build resilience to injury and break through those plateaus.

Eric Wermel
Peter M:  Rebuild

Jack’s comprehensive combination of mobility, cardio and strength training has helped me to prevent injuries

Unparalleled Results

Advance you towards your strength and physique goals, upgrade your health and improve your quality of life.

Lasse N:  Rebuild +

“I now feel more physically fit than ever before, no aches and pains of my training – while also looking better…”

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