Rebuild is designed for experienced lifters looking to rebuild their body with a smarter approach to fitness. Think of this program as a hybrid between functional bodybuilding and strength training, complemented by a healthy dose of cardio and mobility. You can expect to add functional muscle and strength, build aerobic fitness and improve mobility



Weekly Commitment

Strength Workouts: 3 or 4.
You have the option of 3 full body workouts or a 4 day upper / lower split.

Cardio Workouts: 2
You can perform your preferred modality or one of Jack’s popular Anti-HIIT workouts which are built into the training.

Mobility Routines: 1 (or more if you prefer).
Mobility is built into your training and you also have access to our ever growing library if you want to do more.

Equipment Required

Adjustable Bench
*Cable machine OR resistance bands
**Barbell (optional)

*Cable machine exercises can be swapped for resistance band exercises
**Barbell exercises can be swapped for dumbbell exercises


Intermediate – Advanced.
You should have a reasonable level of experience lifting weights and competence with exercise form.





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