Adapt is your solution to training hard and smart with minimal equipment at home: requiring nothing more than a set of resistance bands.  You’ll be challenged with high volume, short recovery workouts that blast every muscle and movement pattern. Cardio workouts and mobility routines balance the resistance band training, making this is the most comprehensive and well-rounded at home program available.

Weekly Commitment

Strength Workouts: 3 or 4
You have the option of 3 full body workouts or a 4 day upper / lower split.

Cardio Workouts: 2
You can perform your preferred modality or one of Jack’s popular Anti-HIIT workouts which are built into the training.

Mobility Routines: 1 (or more if you prefer).
Mobility is built into your training and you also have access to our ever growing library if you want to do more.

Equipment Required

Set of Resistance Bands (Don’t have any? Check out our full set built specifically for this program)


Beginner – Advanced. This program is well suited to all ability levels. Resistance band training is very safe and you can push as hard as you are capable!


3 Months.



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