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How does the subscription work?

Subscription for the app is made through the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and can be in 1 month, 3 month or 1 year recurring payments. You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing date.

How much does it cost?

Access to Jack’s monthly training programs costs £21 -£30 per month.

That’s less than £1 / day and a LOT less than a personal consultation by Jack or any high level trainer. 

How does the subscription work?

Subscription for the app is made through the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and can be in 1 month, 3 month or 1 year recurring payments. You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing date.

“Training with Jack has given me a well-balanced focus on my training with both strength, cardio and not least mobility. Jack and his instructions are extremely credible and his focus and help has meant that I now feel more physically fit than ever before, no aches and pains of my training – while also looking better – and in fact with less time spent in the gym!”

Lasse Nielsen

“I was doing unsustainable training, and then I saw Jack launched PRGRM. I’ve trusted all of his material on Instagram and seen transformations of people not just physically but mentally too, so I thought I’d give it a go. Since I’ve started it, I’ve never had any aches or pains. I’ve been able to build my mobility which no other program has ever offered. I like the fact that you’re consistently training for 4 weeks and know that you’ve got another phase to work towards. I’ve achieved my weight loss goals and gotten way stronger. Never been this fit before.”

Emily Kennedy

“Prior to PRGRM, I had majorly struggled with consistency in the gym. This included both not showing up due to lack of accountability and, when I did show up, my workouts lacked direction and intensity. PRGRM solved those issues by allowing me to select a cadence that worked for my schedule and then showing exactly what workouts to do, how to do them, and, most impressively, how hard to do them. This approach helped me hone my technique without sacrificing on intensity. And, in the process, prevented injury as I began to lift heavier.”

Gaston Mpoyo

“I am using Thrive on PRGRM. As an open water swimmer and Pilates instructor, gym sessions have always been a tricky fit for me but with Thrive I have been able to consistently add them in using swimming as my cardio and incorporating the mobility into my Pilates sessions. Jack is always available to clarify and give advice.The game changer for me are the mobility sessions: these are the key to Jack’s approach and are second to none. I love the precise clear nature of the instructions, the balanced nature of the programs, as well as their flexibility.”

Brian Allen

“I have been following Jack’s training philosophy for a couple of years now and, as a result, I feel as though I have well and truly ‘rebuilt’ myself, both physically and mentally. Before I started following Jack’s programs, I looked and felt physically weak, I had little energy, and my mental health was suffering. Fast forward to now, a couple of years since I started following Jack’s training, I feel stronger and fitter than ever. I love the balanced structure of Jack’s programs as I leave the gym feeling energized and eager for the next session. I have regained my passion for training and this has had a hugely positive effect on my mental health.Thank you very, very much Jack.”

Bebe Cooke-Abbott

“I’m now almost 8 weeks into the Rebuild program on PRGRM and I’ve never felt better. The training is constantly changing/progressing with each month (which I love) and has a big emphasis on beginning in the foundations and adding volume from there. My strength and physique has improved as has my form and ability to execute the movements. With PRGRM, everyone from beginners to advance lifters will dramatically benefit. Thanks again Jack and team!”

Josh Hester

“l am used to working out 8x week and I’m loving being back to heavy weight lifting. Together with healthy eating, my muscles are popping. I’m lifting 20-35 lbs dumbbells. I’m excited to be progressing. I’m currently at week 6 where I’m stronger head to toe with more energy.”

Shantell Kovacic

“Jack’s comprehensive combination of mobility, cardio and strength training has helped me to prevent injuries as I get older. To be honest: I feel stronger and more alive at 51 than when I was 30!  Ambition in strength training can lead to disaster, as I have experienced first hand. Jack’s approach to training has been the perfect tool for me during the last two years to enjoy a new way of strengthening my body without those adverse side effects.”

Peter Musschenga

“I’m absolutely loving training with Jack’s new program! For years I used to go to the gym without a routine and followed the gym bro splits without seeing any results. It wasn’t until I began Jack’s Rebuild program a year ago that I started seeing results. His training even cured some of the muscle imbalances I had developed.”

David Santillan

“As someone about to turn 40 (!) in generally good shape I wanted to change my workout focus more to help future proof my health and mobility, but also as a way to make me look and feel good about myself. I found the programme to be really well balanced, progressively challenging me but in an enjoyable way and I was so happy with the results. Jack explains things so well and I really appreciate the focus on technique and results over ego lifting. Thanks a lot Jack!”

Chris Emberton

“Since joining PRGRM, I’ve felt such a difference in my training. I had never been shown how to correctly brace and breathe and it’s really helped me focus so much more. I’m feeling even more confident with my form as the tutorial videos are incredibly clear and informative. I’ve also found that working with RPE has meant I’m progressing at the right speed for me and not just chasing PBs whilst potentially neglecting form. Overall, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my training and I can’t wait to see where Rebuild + takes me.”

Danielle Davies

“it is the best program I have been on since my university athletics programming. The programming focuses on balanced results rather than entertainment. You’ve removed the extraneous fluff and winnowed down the exercises to mostly compound movements that yield the best results. The steady-state cardio component has already benefited my resting heart rate immensely and improved my overall health and well-being. I have been part of CrossFit-style gyms in the past that left me small and overtrained, with a nagging shoulder impingement and tight hips. PRGRM’s consistent focus on controlled articular rotations and exercise form has alleviated that completely.”

Erik Wermel

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