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Structured, Guided, Well-Rounded Training Programs – by Jack Hanrahan.


The training doesn’t stop unless you do. Each month, you’ll unlock new programming that keeps building on your progress.

Structured and Progressive

Jack will personally guide you through your training. The programs are easy to follow and have progressions built in: advancing you towards your fitness goals while keeping you safe and injury-free.

Personalised to your needs

Switch out an exercise if you have limited equipment, if you need a more joint-friendly alternative, or if you want to regress / progress an exercise if it’s too difficult or easy for you.


All our programs include strength training, cardio and mobility routines. This balanced approach to fitness will get you stronger, fitter and moving better in a way that’s sustainable long term.

Start training sustainably today

Made with passion

Are you struggling to make sustainable progress with your training?

Perhaps you’ve experienced short term results but end up burning out or injured and pushed swiftly back to square one?

It’s exhausting and frustrating.

I know because I’ve been there. This perpetual cycle is the typical outcome of unbalanced and aggressive training – it’s NOT sustainable.

There’s a smarter way.

The key to sustainable results is to adopt a well-rounded approach to fitness that includes strength training, cardio and mobility. A well structured program built on these principles will advance you towards your strength and physique goals, upgrade your health and improve your quality of life.


Our Training Programs


Designed for beginner to intermediate gym goers looking to get stronger, fitter and in all round great shape. You’ll build a great foundation of strength and confidence in your form, Improve cardio fitness and unlock mobility. Thrive is a very manageable frequency of training, perfect if you’re busy and want a program that’s easy to commit to. It will add to your life and improve the way you look, move and feel. 


Designed for experienced lifters looking to rebuild their body with a smarter approach to fitness. Think of this program as a hybrid between functional bodybuilding and strength training, complemented by a healthy dose of cardio and mobility. You can expect to add functional muscle and strength, build aerobic fitness and improve mobility. 



Adapt is your solution to training hard and smart with minimal equipment at home: requiring nothing more than a set of resistance bands.  You’ll be challenged with high volume, short recovery workouts that blast every muscle and movement pattern. Cardio workouts and mobility routines balance the resistance band training, making this is the most comprehensive and well-rounded at home program available. 


Structured, Guided & Progressive Training

No more guess work and wondering what you should be doing at the gym. Jack has planned your training in meticulous detail and will guide you through your strength workouts. You’ll know what weights to select and how hard to push yourself. You’ll have detailed exercise tutorials to give you confidence in your form. You can expect to build muscle and strength in a balanced and functional way, for results that come quick and that you can sustain for life.

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer, or just getting started, we have something for you. Find your perfect PRGRM with our quick quiz.


Restore your mobility and get your body moving well

All our programs include a healthy dose of mobility training. Think of it as selfcare for your joints to get them healthier and moving better. Jack will guide you through your mobility routines. Simply press play and follow along, they can be done right from the comfort of your home. As your mobility improves, you can expect to move better and feel better in your body. You’ll also experience better strength training and cardio performance as a result.



The Right Kind of Cardio

The right kind of cardio will support muscle and strength gains and help reduce body fat. It will speed up recovery, improve sleep quality and give you more energy day to day. A healthy heart is tightly linked with longevity and makes you feel better in your body. That’s just a handful of reasons why cardio is a key component of all our training programs. You’ll have more than one method to choose from so you can perform your preferred modality. If you prefer to stay at home, we’ve got you covered too. Jack’s very popular Anti-HIIT bodyweight workouts are a key feature of the cardio plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet but we're working on it. PRGRM is currently available on iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads that have iOS 13 or greater installed.


Subscription for the app is made through the AppStore and can be in 3 month or 1 year recurring payments. You may cancel your subscription anytime before the next billing date.


Regardless of your experience or equipment, we have a program for you, from beginners to advanced lifters.

Beginners would be well suited for the Thrive program where you’ll focus on mastering the basics and building the foundations.

Jack has created programs that require as low as 2 days per week weight training and up to 4 days per week weight training.
On top of that, your program will encourage you to do 2 cardio workouts per week and at least 1 mobility routine.
Our training programs use free-weights and body loaded exercises, so the equipment needs are minimal. Any commercial or box gym should have all the bases covered:
  • Dumbbells.
  • Barbell and weight plates (rest assured you can switch to dumbbell alternative exercises if you don’t have this equipment)
  • Landmine (an attachment that a Barbell slots into. If your gym doesn’t have one, that’s ok! You can simply wedge the bar into a corner).
  • Cable machine (If you don’t have one, that’s ok too. Alternative exercise options using a resistance band will be given).
  • Adjustable bench.
  • Squat rack (nice to have, but not a requirement).
No gym? No problem! Select Adapt, Jack’s resistance band program in the meantime, and train with resistance bands.
The weight training sessions will take roughly 60 minutes, including the warm up.
The mobility / cardio sessions are a little more versatile: you can choose mobility sessions from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and cardio sessions from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

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